It may not be as flashy as some new Ford models, but the 2015 Ford Focus has a lot going for it – just ask one of the many drivers who use and love it! But for some drivers, the efficiency, practicality, and comfort might not be quite enough. For those who need an extra rush when they’re driving, Ford has you covered! The 2015 Ford Focus ST can now be upgraded to improve performance and give owners the exciting drive experience they crave, thanks to the Ford Performance mountune upgrade kit.

This kit amps up the performance of the 2015 Ford Focus ST without voiding the warranty or preventing drivers from legally driving their newly powerful vehicle on the street. The mountune upgrade kit adds 23 horsepower and 26 lb.-ft. of torque. This means that the seemingly modest 2 liter, four cylinder engine can utilize almost 300 lb.-ft. of torque, and produce 275 horsepower. For thrill-seeking drivers who still want a safe, reliable, and comfortable ride for their family, the mountune upgrade kit allows them to have it all. And to keep that factory warranty in place, just make sure to visit a Ford Performance technician – if the installation of the kit is performed by an authorized technician, the factory warranty stays valid.

With this new upgrade kit, car lovers no longer have to choose between performance and practicality – they just need to add a simple, exciting upgrade to their 2015 Ford Focus! Shelbyville drivers who haven’t already experienced everything the 2015 Ford Focus has to offer, even before any upgrades, can come by O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville any time to test drive the new vehicle. You may find that the existing power in the model is plenty for you –but if not, there’s always the Ford Performance mountune kit!