The 2015 Ford Edge has already made quite a name for itself on the car scene. Featuring cutting-edge technology, including an available 180 degree front camera, side parking sensors, and cruise control, this new Ford model aims to make drivers feel safe and confident on the road. But it’s not just the technology that will provide that secure feeling – now drivers can turn to the highest vehicle safety rating possible from the U.S. government to give them the peace of mind they crave.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently awarded the 2015 Ford Edge an Overall Vehicle Score of five stars in its New Car Assessment Program. This rating comes after in-depth testing and evaluation of a whole range of safety features. Luckily, the new Ford Edge was up to the challenge. From airbags to adaptive cruise control, from collision warning to available inflatable safety belts, the 2015 Ford Edge keeps drivers and passengers safer than ever with new technology and well-implemented research. J.D. Shanahan, Chief Program Engineer for Edge, summed it up, saying “The new Edge delivers on the quality and handling customers have come to expect from a Ford vehicle, while infusing more innovation and advanced technology…”

As for us here at your local Ford dealership, we know how important safety is to our customers, especially when it comes to their families. And while we already knew the 2015 Ford Edge was at the top when it comes to safety, it’s good to have the ratings to back us up. So whether you are from here in Shelbyville or nearby Louisville, Frankfort, or Lawrenceburg, the 2015 Ford Edge is waiting to give you a driving experience you’ll love, while keeping you and your passengers safe.