In the market for a new Ford vehicle? Whether you’ve got your eye on a 2020 model or something older, this will be a big purchase, but the good news is that you may have something that can help cut your costs: your old car. It’s possible that your current vehicle is worth more than you realize, and there are things you can do to make it even more valuable.

Fix the Small Stuff

You want to make your car look as good as possible, so if there are some small dings or scratches, you should think about getting those fixed.

Make It Shine

Haven’t visited a car wash in a while? You’ll want to do that before you head over to our dealership. Make sure it gets a thorough cleaning both inside and out, and this should include vacuuming the carpets. You may also want to pop the hood and remove any grease from the engine, too.

Find Your Paperwork

While you may have taken great care of your car, dealers won’t know this unless you can back it up. With receipts and records, you can show how the car has been maintained, along with things that have been repaired or replaced.

Do Your Homework

Another thing you’ll want to do ahead of time is figure out how much your car is worth. Check out a variety of different websites so you can get an idea of what the dealership will be willing to offer you.

At our Ford dealership near Louisville, we always aim to give our customers top dollar for their trade-ins. Visit us today to see how much you can put towards a new vehicle.