For a long while, there has only been one sure choice in the wide and competitive segment of full-size SUVs. Since its introduction, American SUV drivers have vouched for the Ford Explorer with buying power, making it one of the most popular SUVs on the road. That makes it even more impressive that, after so many years and a recent upgrade, the 2014 Ford Explorer can still surpass the high expectations of its drivers.

The well-rounded features of the new 2014 Ford Explorer start with the first thing you notice: the upgraded styling cues, which lend a presence and elegance to the Explorer not usually seen in SUVs. But the real magic lies in the technological innovations, which are so numerous and advanced that few vehicles have a hope of matching the Ford Explorer. Nearby Shelbyville drivers might like to know that many of the technological features center on peerless safety. These features come as a result of the relentless drive at Ford to create new and novel ways to protect their drivers.

For example, one of the features attracting the most attention for the new Ford Explorer is adaptive cruise control technology, which automatically paces your SUV to a vehicle in front of it on the highway, maintaining a safe following distance. Add to this the laundry list of other safety features available—including SOS Post-Crash Alert System, AdvanceTrac roll-stability control system, and a new Curve Control speed-control system on curves—and the 2014 Ford Explorer promises to be a vehicle that surpasses the expectations of demanding drivers. Find out more about it by visiting one at your local Ford dealership today!