You may not be a professional driver, but you always knew that the Ford Mustang was capable of impressive handling.  Professional drifters Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Justin Pawlak agree with you, which is why in this year’s Formula DRIFT competition, they will each be driving a Ford Mustang on the course.  Formula DRIFT is the foremost drifting competition in the United States, and in 2014, Ford is officially sponsoring it for the second year in a row.  

Drifting requires vehicles with speed, power, and outstanding handling, which makes the Ford Mustang a great choice for professional drivers.  Taking place on a street course, Formula DRIFT will include a number of events which will be judged on style and execution as well as speed, and Ford automakers knows that the Ford Mustang has what it takes to excel in all these areas.  Last year, the Ford Mustang finished third, but Gittin and Pawlak were consistently near the top of their events, and Ford expects great things from their drivers this year, and of course, from the Ford Mustang.

You may not be a professional drifter, but who wouldn’t want to bring a little of the excitement and fun of Formula DRIFT right here to Shelbyville. The 2014 Ford Mustang can help you do that! As the 2014 Ford Mustang speeds along and expertly handles corners, its driver will feel like a professional on the roads of Kentucky.  You can live the dream in your own Ford Mustang.  Just head to your local Shelbyville Ford dealer and take a drive in a 2014 Ford Mustang.  You’ll understand why Formula DRIFT drivers Gittin and Pawlak are hooked on the Ford Mustang – you will be too!