Frankfort: Ford Fusion has a sibling – the Fiesta – that is getting all the attention.  We all know what this is like – an over accomplished, more out-going, funnier, friendlier, and more attractive version of ourselves.  A Frankfort Ford Fusion is to the Ford Fiesta what Jamie Lynn Spears is to Britney Spears (okay bad example but you get the picture).

Anyways, a recent YouTube video highlights all the desirable traits the Fiesta embodies through a cleverly written song.  What is interesting, however, is the fact that the video was not made by a marketing exec from Ford.  Instead, a company named Film Riot put the clip together.  Film Riot produces an online “how-to” show about filmmaking.  Another company named the Blue Oval supports the company.

The Ford fans out there may know that the Blue Oval is an independently run online website that specializes in Ford Motor Company news.  Apparently, they especially like the Fiesta and wanted to promote the vehicle.  Their choice of descriptors for the video? – “So pimping, so sexy.”

In the film-spot, the vocalist managers to mention some key features of the hatchback Fiesta.  Most notably, the Fiesta apparently earns 40 miles-per-gallon.  However, the driver of the vehicle (who has just purchased the Fiesta and is unaware of its characteristics) asks if this is highway or city fuel efficiency but does not have his questioned answered.  In addition, the Fiesta comes with a standard powershift, 6-speed automatic transmission.  The lyrics also mention the seven standard airbags on board the vehicle, while taking a swipe at BMW’s pathetic offering of three standard airbags.

More fitting to the theme of the vehicle, and likely to the crowd who would purchase the vehicle, the vocalists points out the ability to play music through a phone or a USB port.  Pod-casts can also be played through a voice-activated system.  The Blue Oval is clearly attempting to play on the desires of the teen to early twenties market group by playing up the entertainment capabilities of the vehicle.  The lyrics specifically mention that the Fiesta is the only vehicle in its class to offer an LCD display screen as a standard feature.

Although I’ve described the entire song in the video, my words certainly don’t do it justice.  Below is the link to the YouTube video.  Trust me, its worth the three plus minutes it will take you to watch it.

Not feeling “so pimping and so sexy?”  Maybe a Frankfort Ford Truck is more fitting.  O’Brien Ford has the Frankfort Ford Truck for your needs.  However, maybe after a test drive in the Fiesta, your inner-self will succumb to that “so pimping, so sexy” feeling.