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The Price is Right

No Comments 20 June 2012

Today we’re going to play everyone’s favorite game left over from the 80’s, The Price is Right! If I give you two 2’s, a 7, a 1, and a zero, what could you make with it? The right answer to this showcase is you could make the under $21K price for the brand new Ford Focus. Continue Reading


Spring Focus

No Comments 15 May 2012

My parents had escorts for years. They loved those things. They weren’t all that big, of course it helped at the time that niether was I, but they got the job done in fantastic style. Today the escort has a new name, meet the versatile Focus. Continue Reading


Tailgate Season Is Here

No Comments 13 April 2012

I heard the best commercial the other day for fixing rusted out tailgates. It went on about sports season being here and you’re sitting on your tailgate alone because of all the rust. It struck me as pretty funny, but it does call to mind a great point. Sports season is here and it is time to talk about new trucks and tailgates. Continue Reading


2012 Focus Stand Out

No Comments 15 March 2012

Pay attention people, there is serious information coming at you right now! The new 2012 Ford Focus is being hailed as a marvel of its kind. Sporty yet comfortable, affordable but not cheap, if you haven’t seen the new Focus, then you need to hop on down. Continue Reading

Focus Best 2012 Buy


Focus Best 2012 Buy

No Comments 16 February 2012

I’ve been here for a while telling you all of the wonders and advancements of Ford, but today is a special day where I tell you all about the new accomplishment of Ford in the 2012 Focus. Continue Reading



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