Wow, the Ford Taurus just got a lot cooler than the one my Mom has. Now the new Ford Police Interceptor is cool and stylish enough to make my Father wish he were still a cop.

Out With The Old

The Ford Crown Victoria has been made for police use for sixty years and hasn’t changed its look in over fifteen. Dad had a Crown Victoria when the wind storm put a tree thru his windshield, another one when the deer hit him on Christmas morning, and I’m pretty sure every other cop on the department did too.

In With The Super Cool

Not anymore! The new Ford Police interceptor is a slight redesign on the new Taurus with some hi tech innovations. Replacing the old gas guzzling V8 in the Crown Vic, is a new flex fuel V6 that cranks out more power while using less gas.

Eat Your Hearts Out Jake and Ellwood

The Blues Brothers wish they had a car this sweet, and I’m sure some cops do too. The difference between the two groups is one of them is real and about to be really happy. Now in production and ready to roll out and enforce the new year, the Interceptor will have adaptability and customizable accessories to let each department create the cruiser they need.

Not even the transformer that was disguised as a police car looked this cool. If you still want  a used police car, after these babies roll out, check a Shelbyville used car lot. They are bound to be loaded with them. If you’re looking for one that won’t have the wheels fall off the minute you leave the lot, head to the Shelbyville used Ford Dealer.

Just Doin’ Their Job

You may think twice before stepping out of line against one of these babies.

Very soon cops all over the country are going to have the next generation of machines to keep you inside the law and the power to catch and run you down when you don’t. Think I’m being dramatic? Tell you what, wait a couple of months, then see who’s laughing.