Holy cow folks, have you seen the 2012 Ford Taurus? Well, nevermind that, you really need to see the 2013 Taurus. No you don’t need to travel in time or lock yourself in a time capsul, though this being America I can’t stop you, all you need to do is check out the latest auto shows.

The new, new Taurus will have the new Eco Boost engine and  brag about an amazing thirty one miles per gallon highway. That will put it at the top of its class, but wait, that is not all. The 2013 Taurus will also rock out a massive 237 horse power out of its environmentally friendly six cylinder engine.

My mom has a new Taurus and so do a few of my clients. This car is sharp. All I can think about is how inferior my old ’92 Taurus was to this. Forget for the moment the decade difference in technology for a minute and really think about how fast things move. Thankfully Ford is one of the few companies improving as they move forward. Not to mention, Ford is also the only car manufacturer that isn’t just giving up on the internal combustion engine. Improve it or move it world. Ford’s choice: Improve it.

Down here in Kentucky you’ll experience every kind of driving imaginable. You’ll have all the ice you could want in the winter, heat waves in the summer, and long plains as well as tall mountains. Now I ask you, who do you think of when you need a ready for anything car that turns heads?

Shelbyville used cars just aren’t going to cut it compared to the new Taurus line. However, if you’re new to Shelbyville, used car choices will soon be better than ever as drivers prepare for the next best thing Ford has to offer. There have been staples of the blue oval family for a long time and one of the best in the nice car division has always been the Taurus. Even when they took a break for a while, you still never forgot about the good old Taurus.