That’s right my friends. It is time to roll the windows down and enjoy the summer because I flat out do not care what a calendar says, SUMMER IS HERE!! I will tell you all that I am currently suffering from truck fever and today you are going to be my support group.

Gas Mileage

I swore to myself that when an F-150 could get 25 miles to the gallon that I would immediately switch back to a truck from a car and never whine about cost again. Friends I am happy to say that that day is so close I can taste it. I have already been sneaking around my computer quoting one build after another and I am jazzed.

Gotta Have A Truck

You just cannot live without a truck. I have had to borrow a buddy’s truck now for a year off and on to get stuff home. My wood working projects weren’t going to get the material where they needed to be in a trunk now were they? And the biggest of all, when it came time this year to plant my garden, I sure wasn’t going to haul a yard of top soil in the backseat. Very simply put, a real man just can’t live without a truck.

Soon, So Soon

Over in Lawrenceburg, Ford f150 is an invaluable tool. You have to be able to haul stuff to get jobs done. Even if it is just for jobs around the house Shelbyville, used Ford truck inventory is such that we can still get our chores done. JOIN ME!