For those of you who have been following my blog for, well since the beginning, I have never stopped reminiscing about my long lost F-150. Ok so it isn’t lost, I just should have never given it to my dad.

What Happened To It

The first week I gave my truck to good old dad, good old mom spilled 64oz of diet coke in the seat. For the record, I had never spilled anything in it, scratched it, or harmed my baby in any way. The second week they had it the bratty neighbor kid missed his target in the back yard and shot the panel with a BB gun. Then of course the cow sized all white dog my family has began riding in the front seat.

What’s Next

If that isn’t enough to make you all cringe, I don’t know what will. So now I look forward. New truck time is finally close. I have been waiting for the EcoBoost to get an F-150 up to 25mpg ever since I gave my ’06 to my father. The time is probably only months away. You need a truck people. I have had to borrow a buddy’s truck four times in the last two months. I needed dirt, lumber, and to get my bean bag boxes to a party. Let’s just say they’re pretty heavy and bulky for a car.

Built Tough

Ford has been built tough for over a hundred years, and now is no exception Lawrenceburg. Ford F150 is and always will be the best selling vehicle in America because we aren’t afraid to work. They know what I’m talking about in Shelbyville. Used Ford truck inventory is available but rare. When you get a good truck, you keep it!