Fall is pretty much here and that means there are things to be done. Something I didn’t know until this week is that Fall is the best time to plant trees and bulbs. Why I learned that is of course like I said before, I have bought a house. Let me tell you what comes next and why a truck will help.

Load It Up

Before trees and bulbs, it is time for me to build a fence. You would really be surprised all the stuff you can fit into the bed of a F-150. I have a stack of 4×4’s, fence panels and gate hardware, and not to mention the extra tools I get to bring home for the new project. I mean come on, you have to get a new tool with every project. It’s a rule!

And Then

After the fence is up, then it is time for the real decorations. First I’m thinking I need privacy trees on the outside of the fence to cut out noise and keep people from peaking. Naturally. Then on the inside of the fence I’ll bring home two or three bed loads of bushes.

Has To Be The Truck

Listen Shelbyville, used Ford Superduty could help you just like it is me in my projects. Either model or size, Shelbyville used Ford Truck owners are part of the club and trust me when I tell you we get it. Without a truck, these things aren’t really possible. None of these things are going to fit in the trunk.