I was talking with another associate here in the office today, and we both arrived at a wonderful conclusion about our beloved Ford Motor Company and our part in it here at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville. Ford has continued to make the cars and trucks that people actually want, and though that may seem like a “duh” statement, allow me to explain.

On The Road

If you listen to the TV and see all the news stories we get bombarded by on a daily basis, you would think that all any of us want is a tiny little car that gets a million miles to the gallon and only seats yourself and a small dog, maybe a large cat. The epiphany here is that you don’t see many of those out of the road.


What Do You See

There is no shortage of options for those types of vehicles today, but it doesn’t appear that anyone is buying them. What I see when I drive around are trucks and SUV’s. Mixed in there I see a lot of full sized cars like the new Taurus. It is right there in front of us, but sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.


Why Do We See It

I take this as a positive sign that America is told what they want, but still buys what they really want. In a world where the Ford F-150 is still a popular vehicle in America, I think the news may have it wrong. So Shelbyville, used car, new truck, whatever you want, we’ll help you find it. Another thing Shelbyville, used Ford truck options are always available, because so many people have them and trade them on their new ones. The reason for that, is trucks are what people want.