How far will your truck take you? At the Texas state fair, Ford Motor Company released a new F-150 model that has a functional range of 756 miles. The new larger gas tank coupled with the new ultra efficient EcoBoost engine has allowed the Ford line of full sized trucks to achieve a range formerly reserved for aircraft.

Ford as we all know is where it is at, has been, and always will be. No other company has made more permanent strides forward than Ford. Plenty of others come out with gimics, sales tricks, and engines that only make the car more expensive to drive on top of being a ridiculous fad. Some fads went away for a reason. It is this soul point that still baffles me how 3-D was ever reborn!

At the Texas state fair, Ford showed off the new extended range and gas mileage coupled with some other features as well. For the ultra sport model, Raptor, there is a new front viewed camera, as well as other models being able to receive their own flash upgrades to more esthetically pleasing designs. Let’s face it, a great truck still turns heads.

If you’re not ready to jump on the band wagon yet Shelbyville, used Ford truck sales are still waiting for you to join the club. However, something to keep in mind, the new EcoBoost engine is winning over and converting a major portion of the V-8 lovers. Imagine for how many years I’ve been saying if they could come out with a fuel efficient truck that still had power, how deadly that would be to the competition. It truly is incredible!


Ford has been at it longer than anyone, has for years done it better, and now flies faster into the future we all want better than anyone. Shelbyville, used cars are great, but you really should take a good look at what Ford is doing on the new side. Soon there won’t be a reason to drive old, you’d be losing money to drive the old car over the new one. This is what technology is supposed to do anyway.