I heard the best commercial the other day for fixing rusted out tailgates. It went on about sports season being here and you’re sitting on your tailgate alone because of all the rust. It struck me as pretty funny, but it does call to mind a great point. Sports season is here and it is time to talk about new trucks and tailgates.

Let’s Party

Baseball season is officially up and running and the weather is getting better, sort of, all the time. With the sun shining it is time to head to the ballpark, drop the tailgate and throw the hot dogs on the grill. First you’re going to need a tailgate, and they are best when attached to a brand new Ford F-150.


Come on over folks and see what your sports season could be like. If you’ll allow me to use some theater of the mind for a moment I will help paint you a picture. The sun is out, the crowd is gathering, and all the ladies and your best friends are laughing and smiling around you new truck as you cook up the food, pass out the beverages, and just let the day pass into awesome.

No Sports For You

Not a sports fan, ok Shelbyville, used cars are hip too and we got plenty of them. Listen here Shelbyville, used Ford is way better than new anything else anyway. Jump on the bandwagon, hop on the tailgate, and let us get spring running off to the best start we can. God Bless America!