My parents had escorts for years. They loved those things. They weren’t all that big, of course it helped at the time that niether was I, but they got the job done in fantastic style. Today the escort has a new name, meet the versatile Focus.


The Focus is the new Escort. No matter the model you choose, the new Focus has the technology you want, the style you dream of, and the dependability you’ve come to expect from Ford. I know lots of families that used to run in the old, and have now upgraded to the new Focus. Just wait til you see the 2013.


So the best story from the past was the 50 foot ladder. Dad and I needed a new extension ladder for work around the house and at the time we didn’t have an F-150. The solution was obvious right? Put the extension ladder in its lowest position, tie a red flag around it, and have then year old me hold it down to the dash as hard as I could with ten feet or so of it sticking out the back. If a Ford car can do that back in the 80’s, imagine what it could do now.

The New Focus

If you haven’t driven a new Focus, then you really are missing out on something special. With models that start at 16K, it makes a wonderful first car for a teen driver with safety features. So Shelbyville, used cars are great, but there are better opportunities for new. Also Shelbyville, used Ford vehicles are always a great choice either way.