It is not often that America Builds something overseas only to then ship it over here. Ok, to honest there are a lot of things we do that with, but bare with me for a moment. Introducing the new, well new to us anyway, Ford Euro Focus.

What Is It?

One of the great things that separates our culture on this side of the Atlantic from our cousins on the other side, is here in America we have what is known as a driving culture. Believe it or not, if you’ve never visited Europe, the amount of people who own their own cars is significantly less per capita than here in the United States. Europe evolved into the modern age with a greater focus on public transportation that we here in the greatest country in the world.


Land mass is the easiest answer to that question. There aren’t hardly any countries in Europe, if any at all, that could equal the landmass of Texas. What does that mean? It means that the great distances more commonly traveled here would be near impossible to network by anything other than roads. Which of course then translates into us all having cars to drive on them to wherever our hearts desire.

What Is Coming?

On the note of us doing all the driving, we commonly discuss gas prices. Bottom line here is that they are terrible. I’m not going to get political, so I’ll simply say that the car that people want that can deliver the gas mileage they dream of, well sir that car would be king. Naturally here at O’brien, we’re hoping it’s a Ford. If you need to work around Shelbyville, used Ford Superduty will get the job done. It may not be pretty on mileage, but you’ve got a job to do.  If you’re just driving around Shelbyville, used cars may fit a little better into your budget. However, if you’re a little patient, you might take a look at the 2012 Ford Focus from Europe and see what they play with over there.