With the release of the new Ford Explorer, Ford also has a new trick up its sleeve. In addition to talking to your car and your car talking back to you, the Sync system will also help you get emergency help when you need it. What a concept right? Ford may not have thought of it first, but I believe they will truly make it their own.

My Great Uncle was being told about the blue button that became standard on all of that company’s vehicles. This person talking was so impressed with the service and was just excited about the feature while he explained it all to good old Uncle Jack. That is when in his great southern draw and non committal way asked if the guy reckoned that the reason they put it in the car standard was they expected it to break down and you would need help.


Yeah, Uncle Jack truly has a unique way of looking at things, but you can’t argue with the guy. He was right after all. For those of us gifted enough to come from blue oval families, we all know and laugh about the other brands constantly blowing engines or transmissions. Lucky for them they have the button to push.

So now you’re asking me what makes ours better. The answer is simple and I’ll tell you since you asked so nicely. Our system isn’t there to help you get help. It helps you with directions, hands free phone calls, text messages, storing and choosing music AND getting help when you need it. See the difference?

Now to my fellows of Shelbyville, used cars are abundant and ready for you to find the perfect fit. If around Shelbyville used car shopping isn’t what you’re looking for on a Friday night for an exciting time, just remember you can always come out and look at a new car with the new and improved Sync system.

Uncle Jack lives just down the road and I can’t wait to go tell him about the new system. You know what? Having just given that notion some thought, I think I’ll send someone else go tell him, just in case.