Here’s a new thing to think about for you. Have you ever driven your car and wondered what that horrible noise is? Of course, everyone has. The new Ford EcoBoost will play into this on the positive side and give you the sounds you want to hear from your engine, and eliminate the ones you really don’t want to hear.

I’ll be honest, I drive a four banger engine, so the only sounds that come from under my hood are the soft kitty like purrs of my low power motor. It is ok though, it gets me where I need to go and saves me some money on the gas. The reason I bring it up is until recently, I had not heard that soft kitty purr in several weeks. What I thought was tire damage ended up being a bad wheel bearing. Now of course this has nothing to do with engine noise except for the fact your really do miss it.

This technology could be used for several things. Imagine when you’re choosing your options you have the choice of what your engine sounds like. They simply put in whatever does the thing and there you go. I want a four cylinder engine with the sound of a grand prix race car. Make it happen Ford!

Ok, right now this is more of a European thing, but like most things it will make its way over the pond eventually. Might as well be ready for it and find an engine you know you like and record the sound. Now around Shelbyville, used cars are filling up the lot as people are finally ready to trade in the cars they’d been holding on too. If you’re like me and a native of Shelbyville, used car lots are finally starting to offer more options. We’ve been test driving these cars as they come in and get checked out. Believe me, these are great vehicles.

Final Thought

If you live for the sound your car makes, or on the other hand you want a car where the engine is not what you hear, then this is going to be some pretty neat stuff for you. Be patient, it’ll come.