Today we’re going to play everyone’s favorite game left over from the 80’s, The Price is Right! If I give you two 2’s, a 7, a 1, and a zero, what could you make with it? The right answer to this showcase is you could make the under $21K price for the brand new Ford Focus.

40 MPG

Can you believe it? Ford Focus now gets a whopping 40 mile per gallon on the highway. Move over foreign cars, the blue oval is still kicking it into high gear with no signs of stopping what so ever. It isn’t hard you know. All a car company has to do is actually listen to what the car buyer, and not the government wants.

What You Wanted

People have been screaming for a fusion, get it, between better gas mileage and a car that is actually fun to drive. It has been years of waiting, but Ford has been listening. The new Focus has a great look, phenomenal gas mileage, and a price tag that any and everyone could afford on any budget. It really is the perfect combination.

Come and Get It

Listen to me Louisville, Ford F150 is getting almost 25 miles per gallon and the cars are going to hit 50mpg’s in no time. And if you’re in Shelbyville, used cars being more your fancy than the new, then we are right down the road with exactly what you’re looking for on the lot and the ability to find it if you want to be more of a challenge.