So my girlfriend and I wanted to lay in the back of the truck the other night and catch the meteor shower. It sounded like a really great play until the temperature got so cold that we sort of chickened out and ran back inside for blankets. What happened? It was super hot just the other day and now I’m wishing I’d had a sunroof instead.



One of the many options available from most car dealers, sure. The nice thing about options like this from Ford, is that they come along with several others that our competitors still haven’t grasped. The Sync system is still industry leading for obvious reasons. In a day where flying cars still seems to be science fiction, Ford at least lets you talk to your car.

Hands Free

In many states now, it is illegal to be on your phone without a hands free device. The problem with that is most of them are really lame and you can’t hear anything. With the Ford Sync system, you get everything you want in a phone Bluetooth without having to fool with that silly thing in your ear.

Act Now

If you hurry, there is still time to get this all done before it really gets cold. If you’re looking for something larger Louisville, Ford F150 is what you need. Or if you’re on a budget Shelbyville, used cars are easy to find with the same options you want from a new car. Don’t wait though, I promise you are not the only one out there looking.