So this guy at the New York Times, Jerry Garret, gave his top ten best cars of the previous year, and low and behold, there are three Fords on it. What a pleasant, and wonderful surprise to see.

It’s been a long and winding road for the blue oval, but here at the company there is nothing but calluses from hard work, and beams of pride for what we have all accomplished in the last couple of decades. Praise is definitely owed to our owner. Knowing a Ford was running the company once more gave us all hope, but what gave us all success was having a Ford with the courage to say he needed men who knew how to run a company and listened to their advice. Now, simply put, here we are.

2011 has a great challenge to meet, but for a moment let’s look at what got us here in the last year. Mr. Garret had some very nice things to say about the Harley Davidson special addition F-150. With its luxury interior and eye catching exterior it was a great addition to his list. If you’re looking for a truck of your own, stop by Shelbyville, used Ford Superduty selection is here for you to get your jobs done with the toughness you can only find in a Ford.  If you’re in Shelbyville, used cars catching your eye, we’ll happily help you with those as well.

The other stars on Mr. Garret’s top ten included the Ford Mustang, he mentions that even though this last year the new Camaro outsold the Horse, the Mustang still offers more options and practicality. Not to mention you can actually see out of the Mustang, what a concept right?

Then there’s the Ford Fiesta. Until this whole energy crisis, or whatever is going on, the Fiesta didn’t really have a home here since the seventies. Still popular overseas, the Fiesta is making its triumphant return to its country of origin and native roads. Fans of Ford can enjoy a classic, save money, and if nothing else, makes silly jokes about driving a party.