Wonderful news blog fans! On Tuesday of this week, I bought my first house. I know right! So we all know what that means. It is time to have us a good old fashioned moving party. That truck I’m always talking about that I gave to my dad, oh yeah, you better believe it is going to be there.

Who Else Will Be There?

Also topping the list of guests at the anticipated move will be my friend’s big power stroke diesel F350. Of course he has to bring that after all the times I’ve helped him with stuff. The best part aside from all the backseat room and bed space is the towing power for the trailer that is going to haul all the other stuff, namely my gun safe, which I have idea how I’m going to move.

Not Just Me Moving

This time, as I venture in the world of home ownership, I also bring my girlfriend with me as we move into the new world together. Sweet I know, but not why I bring that detail up. The great thing about her being part of this move, aside from the obvious, is that between her father and grandfather, that adds three more Ford trucks to get my stuff from point A to B.

Move While You Can

Listen Louisville, Ford F150 may be the greatest civilian tool for moving ever created. Even if you’re just going from Louisville to Shelbyville, used cars and trucks are readily available to help you start your new life. Because it helps to have something new in the garage of your new house too.