I was sitting on the couch last night trying to get the tennis ball out of my girlfriend’s dog’s mouth, when I realized both myself, my girlfriend, and the dog were all staring at the new Ford Focus on the tv. I will freely admit, despite being a Ford fan to the core, I didn’t like the old one, but I love the new one.

A lot of critics have focused heavily on the new gas mileage achievement for the little car that could. Now neck and neck with the Civic, that makes our little Ford just as good as the car that everybody raves about for gas mileage.

So what could be next?


Well we’ve seen a lot of great changes and innovations in the last couple years from the blue oval. My favorite lately is how my new girlfriend is just as obsessed with Ford as my family is. It is refreshing to meet another well balanced individual. Ford has been on the right track now for quite a while but it doesn’t seem to matter, I’m still impressed.

First there was Sync, then came countless other great perks, but the new ecoboost engine is quickly rising to the top of the list. Gas is the hot issue of our day and Ford has stepped up to the plate. Where other companies continue to build cars that no one wants and pushed the government to try and force their sales, Ford just builds the cars that people do want, and improves the ones they already have.

A pickup truck that can get mid twenty mile to the gallon is unheard of five years ago. Now the number one selling vehicle in the free world is doing it no problem. I won’t bore you with mechanical statistics, but you should check it out for yourself. If you’re just looking for a Shelbyville used car or truck, you know where to go and who to talk to, but if you’re looking to step up in Shelbyville, used Ford Superduty will be the ticket. Though I wouldn’t expect it to get the mileage we were just talking about.