I’ll be honest, I will be a pickup man until the day I die, but if there is one vehicle that could get me to switch, it would without question be the Ford Edge.

I remember when this beauty came out. It looks like a SUV, it rides like a luxury car, and seats like a minivan. If you have a family then there is no reason for you to snub the Edge as your next car. For its class the Edge gets wonderful gas mileage, has cutting edge, get it, technology throughout, and looks great either going down the road or sitting in your driveway.

This is the kind of car that you brag about to your friends. Now with the new EcoBoost engine system, the Edge actually gets 30 miles to the gallon. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?? Anything that is even remotely compared to a SUV and gets thirty mpg’s is a modern miracle.

As a top safety pick, it only reinforces what you’ll already know after one test drive. This car was made for people like you. The real people with families and lives that require more than just the minimum is what this car was dreamed up for.

Now I may be the king of Shelbyville, Used Ford Superduty however may soon be on the market. If you’re looking around Shelbyville, used car is on your mind, and you want something you know will last, then of course you’re going to visit your local Ford dealer. The blue oval has been taking care of America for over a century. Times like these you realize everything in the past has all been leading up to this. The Edge is the culmination of every breakthrough we’ve ever had. With touch screen controls and in dash navigation, combined with the Ford Sync system, the only thing this car doesn’t do is go into space, yet.

If you still have any doubts, which would be weird at this point, then I invite you to visit me for a test drive and I will lay all of your fears to rest. Trust me, you were meant to drive this car.