Still crazy after all these years that the Ford F150 is the best selling vehicle in America, but what do you think? The fact that we are still a nation of rough and ready, get up and go to work roughnecks does my heart good. I wouldn’t trade my beautiful blue full sized for anything you’ve got.

In an age of tiny bug like cars that run on batteries like a remote control, I for one feel my shaken faith restored in the U S of A. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the media, but it goes to show you that it is all lip service. Sure we would all like to get better gas mileage, but the fact is we’ve got a lot of work to do and a ladder isn’t going to fit in a hybrid now is it?

Get up and get out the door!

The time is now if you’re going to get a truck. Who knows what will happen in the future. Gas is only going to get higher, so if you’re waiting for something, it is time to act. You can’t tail gate without, well you can see where this is going. Football season is not nearly as far off as you think. That is of course if we have one this year.

There are countless country songs all about pickup trucks, and not a single solitary one about a car that gets high mpg’s or seats the whole family. However there is an awesome song that tells you the real cowboy is the one that doesn’t have to drive or get out and open the gate. Come on down to your Louisville Ford dealer and see for yourself what a new pickup could do to make you feel more American. If you’re working up north and you need to haul something around Shelbyville, Ford F150 will get the job done with time to spare, and make you look good doing it. There is nothing on the Earth like a good pickup truck, and for nearly forty years, that truck has been the blue oval wearing F Series.