While we may have escaped some of the snow, there’s no denying it’s been a rough winter – rain, sleet, slush, more rain, and yes, some snow as well. But spring is on the way, and here at your Shelbyville used car dealership, we want to make sure your car is ready for better weather and long road trips. So get yourself ready for spring with some spring maintenance and spring cleaning for your car!

The maintenance part is easy to take care of at our Ford service center. You might want to start by having us take a look at your tires. Potholes and icy weather can wreak havoc with wheel alignment and tread, so this is the perfect time to decide if you need new tires, or get the ones you do have aligned. Cold weather can also be harmful to batteries, so let us take a look before you wind up with a dead battery when you’re rushing out the door to work one morning.

We also want to make sure you’re ready for the warmer weather to come. That means taking a look at your AC system, as well as making sure your coolant levels are ready to keep your engine from overheating when the temperatures start rising. We also suggest taking a look at your brakes. Spring and summer often mean longer drives, and it’s important to make sure your brakes can keep you safe on the road.

Once we take care of the hard part, all that’s left is some spring cleaning! Nothing helps your car look ready for the new season like washing off the road grit and vacuuming mud and salt from the interior. With the help of our Ford service center, you’ll be ready for spring in whatever you’re driving, from a used Ford sedan to a 2019 Ford Escape. Louisville, KY area drivers, and their vehicles can say goodbye to winter at O’Brien Ford of Shelbyville.