Well it looks like the Fusion is back on track to be the best. Best in show that is at the Detroit Auto Show. The new 2013 Fusion looks so good that you won’t believe it.


How Good?

To be honest, in a really good way, the thing looks like it could come to life at any moment and talk to you. The grill has been redesigned and has a very inviting look while still maintaining some attitude.


My Next Car

I really have no other way of putting this, but I have seriously got the swap my ride fever. I keep looking at the new Fusion and realizing that I’m not in the new hip ride anymore. The new Fusion gets better gas mileage than my current Fusion, seems to have more room, and of course has the boisterous seal of approval from Autoweek.


I’m Not The Only One

The editor of Autoweek had this to say,

“The Ford Fusion bucks the midsize-sedan trend of playing to the broadest common denominator. The Fusion delivers bold styling that projects a more luxurious message than we expected for its broad, family-car mission.”

This is presumably a guy that works in the auto industry that has probably seen it all several times and is still impressed by the new 2013 model. You all need to see this baby for yourself. Seriously! Whether you’re in Shelbyville or Louisville, Ford lovers alike will have even more love and pride for the blue oval than before. Head on down to O’brien Ford of Shelbyville and let me take you for the ride of your life.