You may be asking yourself what one of the most researched vehicles on the internet was recently. If you’re not asking yourself, then you probably already know that is was the Ford F-150. Now you all know it!!

Still Going Strong

I work here at Ford and even I can’t remember how long the F-150 has been going strong. Despite all the whining of the general media about everything going to the tiny little efficient cars, in reality it is still the heart of America that wants a pickup truck.

Gas Mileage

The new EcoBoost engine system has given new life to a product that was already on top. With the ability to give a full sized work truck gas mileage in the mid twenties, Ford has undeniably flown right past a milestone and are nearly to the next one. Imagine it, a truck that can get mileage in the thirties.


EcoBoost can give you the mileage you’ve been waiting for, but the best part for those of you who make a living with your truck, or are just really into impressing the non truck holders, the increased fuel economy doesn’t result in any lost power. Here in Louisville, Ford F150 will always be staple of everyday life. If you’re looking to get a little extra mileage out of your truck, come on down to the O’brien Ford of Shelbyville and we’ll show you what the present has for you and the future will accomplish before you know it. Trust us, we’re Ford, and we know what we’re doing.