Well of course Ford is one of the top most researched car brands on the planet! Ford has the best lineup, the best reputation, and the best…well…everything!

Come A Long Way

Think back just a few years where Ford was. Depending on your age, naturally, Ford was sort of middle of the pack as far as the mainstream really went, but for those of us that grew up in Ford families, and especially those of us that work for Ford now, we always knew it was a matter of time.

Not So Foreign

The 90’s saw an enormous surge in foreign car sales in the United States. Suddenly the “in” thing was to have a vehicle from Asia. Detroit had become a shadow of its former glory and there was very little hope in sight. Growing gas prices, what we thought were high at the time, were forcing people into the little cars that nobody wanted because they were so called, economical. Now in the new millennia, Ford has turned things around by being one of the only brands on the market that still gives the people what they want.

Fads Of The Past

It seemed there for a while that fads would rule the way we looked at cars, and not what actually made them drivable. If you come down to Louisville Ford, I’ll personally show you why Ford is back on top, and for some of us never fell at all. O’brien Ford of Shelbyville is proud of being part of a noble future, just as much as we’re proud of our noble past.