Ford has done it again. I have to be honest, I’m really enjoying these last few years and the foreseeable future with this company’s innovations. We are definitely on the right track!

What’s New

So the newest thing I have noticed about the interior of the new 2012’s is our new ability to use Sync with the Slacker online radio on your smartphone. Without having to even look for your phone, you can use the voice application to activate and customize your own radio station that plays through you Ford vehicle as normal.

What Models

As has been our goal the last couple of years, we are getting as many of the new features in as many of the new models as we can. The new Slacker capable Sync is in all sorts of new vehicles for the folks in Louisville. Ford F150, the Fusion, and many others with the rest on the way will all be able to use this new feature.

Where Do I Get It?

If you’re in the neighborhood and curious to see this for yourself instead of me rambling on about it, stop in and see me in person at O’brien Ford of Shelbyville and any of us here would be happy to show you all the new toys, in what could be your new toy. Trust me folks, this has been a tremendous time to stick with Ford. Things have been on the up now for several years and we really are just getting started, because I know you will still be amazed at the future.