Remember not so far back when I told you all that the Ford Fusion 2013 model had won the best in show award for the Detroit Auto Show? Well, my friends the time to see the winner is now at hand.

Unveil 2013

The future is now seems like such a cliché, but we’re going there, come along if you wish. The future is looking quite stylish as Frasier used to say, and Ford could not be happier. With our vehicles outpacing even our own expectations, we continue to forge ahead to a bright tomorrow.

Gas Prices

I heard some folks talking the other day about rising gas prices and how Ford has an effect. First, let us not forget that the F-150 gets the best non-diesel gas mileage of any full sized truck. That being said, these two old men were discussing how Ford was selling more vehicles in Europe and Asia than ever before and that was putting a strain on oil prices. Not true on the second part, but the part about Ford selling more overseas than ever before, you better believe it!

Bring It On

If you go back to middle of last year, I told you how Ford was beefing up its overseas distribution and manufacturing. It worked! Down here at local Louisville Ford, you can still see the best award winning made in the USA vehicles there is. So come on down to O’brien Ford of Shelbyville and let us all join in the ever growing Ford tradition.