Popularity is a slippery concept.  It can mean a lot of things.  But on some levels, it can actually be quantified – which is what SplashData password management system has done.  SplashData has analyzed passwords, mainly used by North Americans and Western Europeans, in 2014, and come up with a list of the 25 most common passwords used that year.  New to the list in 2014 was “mustang” – ranking at 16 on the list of most popular passwords.  Mustang is the only car name to appear in the top 25 most popular passwords, and remarkably, was more popular than some of culture’s most famous superheroes – Batman and Superman!  While both heroes appeared on the list, they ranked below the Ford Mustang in popularity. 

But though the Ford Company is thrilled to know that the Mustang is beloved enough that drivers feel comfortable letting it protect their internet life, they warn that it is important for users to consider their online security.  Keith Moss, Ford Director of Cyber Security, said “We’re flattered people want to use ‘mustang’ as their password, but alone, it just isn’t strong enough to be secure.”  He continued, giving tips on how drivers can keep their accounts secure, saying “We encourage people to use ‘mustang,’ but we recommend they strengthen their password by mixing upper and lower case letters, numbers, acronyms and symbols to make it unique.”

This data analysis is only one way to quantify popularity, but here at your local Ford dealership, we know the Ford Mustang is popular in many ways, because it’s an outstanding vehicle.  We’re not suggesting you compromise your online safety by using the word on its own as your password, but we do suggest you come see the newest version of this beloved muscle car here at O’Brien Ford in Shelbyville! The 2015 Ford Mustang is true to the spirit of this classic muscle car, and a test drive is certainly a great way to enjoy it – without compromising your internet security!