Well my friends, Turkey day is nearly upon us and we all know what that means. Well you should all know what that means, but just in case you don’t. Turkey day is the time of year where we begin eating and don’t really stop for about a month and a half. God Bless America!


Unfortunately Thanksgiving is also the most dangerous time of year to be on the road. Everybody gets out on the road at once and forgets how to drive. Accidents become common place and we all need to be extra careful on our way to the in-laws. Please be safe out there.

Pay Off

If you can be careful and not be one of those people who forget how to drive, then you will hopefully be treated to a well cooked turkey and all the sides to go along. Plus, if you get really lucky, then after the whole big dinner party, you’ll have loads of leftovers to take home and keep the car smelling like turkey and stuffing for a couple of days.

New Car For Thanksgiving

I know it usually isn’t tradition to give gifts on Thanksgiving, but this year is special. My sister’s birthday happens to be on Thursday, so she gets one. The rest of you will have to settle for taking a trip from Louisville, Ford being your destination. While you’re taking a break from Louisville, 2013 Ford Edge should be high on the list of things to see before the new year.