You know that feeling you get when you know deep inside you’re working for the right people? If you don’t I promise you it is worth finding. Recently Ford pledged $1 Million to the Red Cross for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. Ford doesn’t just go around saying they are a company who cares, they prove it with actions over words.

Next Step

I’ve spent the last year on this blog talking to you all about how great Ford has been doing with our growth, product upgrades and much much more. My fear at this point going into a new year is that you’ll become bored with nothing but positive results. After all, bad news and dirty laundry usually hold people’s interest longer, but Ford keeps running down the positive trail.

Join Us

In a world that is shrouded in constant bad news, I urge you to take a break and join me in the celebration of the positive. Ford not only helps those in need when they have no obligation to it, but they also keep making strides to innovate the industry when other companies simply let someone else pave the way. Ford says, this is our road, follow if you want.

Get On Board

If you’re looking for one of our newest innovations, then check out the Ford Escape 2013. Louisville will be full of them I promise. When you’re ready Louisville, Ford will be here waiting to help you upgrade into the nicest vehicle I guarantee you’ve ever owned. That is a promise from myself and from Ford, and trust me when I say we both keep our promises.