Who doubted us?!? Where are you all of you that didn’t think Ford had is in us? Sales rose eleven percent in the month of August alone! Do you have any idea how amazing that is when you do the math to find out how many cars and trucks that really is?

The blue oval is unstoppable in our new incarnation. We have the best cars on the market and the best reputation. We are coming out old school like the good old days. Ford is now the king of all. I don’t care what the papers say, what the polls say, here at the company, we know it to be true.

Do you know we have a full sized pickup truck getting mid 20 mpg’s? BELIEVE IT!

We’ve been over this constantly for the last few months. Even nature herself played a part in our rise and return to power. Ford has never quit trying to give the consumer what they want, but we have lost focus in the past before. Now our sites are set clearly on the proper goals with the right people for the job of achieving them sitting on the trigger.

For a long time the argument was always between the three American auto manufacturers, but now you have to choose between us and South Korea. Nothing against them, they make great cars, but in the end they are still not made in America. To those of us here in the heartland, that still matters a whole lot. Visit your Louisville Ford representatives and we can show you one proof after another that the blue oval is on top of the food chain once again. If any of you at the bow tie or the goat think we’re full of it, then bring it on and we’ll see who comes out on top of this mountain. Have I idiom-ed enough for you yet? No!? How about this, Ford is a rocket on its way into the distant future, bringing with us our long and great past. Get in your car, and come join us at the Louisville Ford dealer to become one of the many that have brought us back.