Do you realize we have been using the same basic Ford van design since the mid 60’s? Crazy right? I guess that really goes to show you we had a great idea, but now it is time for a new one.

If any of you have ever had to move, then you know how valuable a van could really be, but if you didn’t already buy an Econo line van, then you may have run out of time for that model. But of coure I’m here with good news! Ford wouldn’t leave you hanging when it comes to moving a ton of stuff easily short of having a semi. You may have seen it in movies, you may have seen it on trips abroad, and the thing you may have seen is the new Ford van that really isn’t new at all. Ok, so that was a little cryptic.

What I’m talking about is the European version of the Ford Van. Coming in 2013 to America is the Ford Transit. It may look a little goofy at first, but give it a bit and I’m positive that it will grow on you in no time.

With massive storage, actually being much larger than the Econo, this van will find a welcome home here in the States. So if you’re moving to or from Louisville, Ford will still be a staple of your move. In Louisville, Ford Dealer employees already know how easy this can make one of the worst experiences of living somewhere, and that is having to pick it all up and live somewhere else.

So the reason I bring this up today is my darling girlfriend has had to pick up and move to Indiana for a job. Frustrating as this is, the long distance begins. The best thing however to help move from one place to another over that long distance with all of her stuff, is undoubtedly going to be a Ford cargo van.  Just remember the old adage of my father, “You always know who your friends are when it is time to move.” Trust me, I’m a good friend to have with a van to borrow.