Ok, even I’m starting to get overwhelmed. Every month we friends discuss the advances that Ford is making in its cars. Our new trucks get mid to high 20’s in gas mileage, unheard of four years ago. Our cars can parallel park themselves, unheard of in anything less than $100K.

It seriously appears that Ford’s growth and innovation has limitless possibilities. Made especially possible by the brilliant move to make Ford technology compatible with other forms of media. Thus the latest advancement of Ford’s SYNC system has been to make it further compatible with a wider range of smart phones.

Funny thing, for some reason the I-Phone is not one of them. That rather baffles me as I-Phone at one time was the height of technology. Yet, somehow they have fallen behind. One cannot blame Jobs, as this was all in the work long before he passed away. Here in Louisville, Ford shows its world view even at home. The wonderful thing about our modern age is it allows the common man to benefit. Twenty or ten years ago when some of these technologies were first being unveiled, they were highly luxury and out of reach for people like us. One more thing to be thankful for from Ford!

Your Louisville Ford Dealer has every example you would want of these advancements right here in your own back yard. Wonderful ways of making one’s life a little easier, or if nothing else, way cooler and more Bond film like.

For months now, I’ve been telling you about what Ford has been doing to make our lives better. I have been freaking out lately about the new EcoBoost engines that let my new truck get nearly thirty miles per gallon. My friend’s new Fusion, hybrid no less, has the brand new SYNC system, and it truly does amaze. If you haven’t taken the time to see these new toys, then you are truly depriving yourself. Take the time, come down and visit, I’ll show you everything that I’ve been raving about now since last year. The new engine, the new SYNC, and the new Ford, are all really a great combination.