Things have been going pretty well for Ford the last couple of years, and we thought it was high time for a party. Ok, unfortunately I can’t invite everyone, but what  I can do is talk about the Fiesta you CAN all come too.

Let’s Party

Check out the new 2012 Ford Fiesta. The quaint little number from the blue oval that has everything you’re looking for wrapped up in a neat little package. If you’re looking for a way to beat the gas prices that have decided to hike early this year, then this just may be the car for you! Obviously not being a tank, it gets phenomenal fuel efficiency, especially on the highway. Saving money at the pump, you can’t argue with that at all these days.

The Car

The best thing about the Fiesta, it has a great looking sticker price. Affordable on any budget and fits anyone’s lifestyle except maybe professional seven foot tall basketball players. With a great looking interior, the cabin is actually able to seat three passengers and the driver very comfortably. So, anyone out there that doubts it because it is small, come take a look for yourself.

Not For You

If you are still not thinking the Fiesta is for you in Louisville, Ford F150 may be more your style. If you’re looking for a truck, a big car, a smaller car, and either way you look at it, the right Ford for you, then come on down to O’brien Ford of Shelbyville.