If you’ve seen our corporate ads on the TV lately, then you’ve heard the changes taking place in some of the top seats. Better resale value and gas mileage are finally coming back to the American made company that started it all.

In the last few years everything has gone from muscle to fuel efficiency. A true car dealer makes sure you have both choices when you want them. Down here in the showroom we’ve got the classic mustang on the right for when you want to burn it up, and on the left we have the new Ford Fiesta for when the last thing you want to burn is your wallet.

Being a hatchback subcompact, the Fiesta may be a little smaller, but in all the right places. The amount of gas you fill up at the tank every week is much smaller. The price you shell out at the dealer for one of these new beauties, oh yes, that is much smaller too.

We Know

Some car dealers lost their luster because they stopped listening and tried giving you, the driving people of America, what you wanted. Ford has a better solution. You asked for an affordable car that got great gas mileage and was something you would actually want to drive, and we’re proud to say, here you go.

Your Louisville Ford dealer will have one waiting for you when you’re ready. Even if you head on over from Frankfort, Ford Fusion, F150, even the Fiesta will all be waiting for you.

The Fiesta is a little different than you’re used to seeing. The first one that came off the car hauler was a little confusing, but like a new born puppy, you just can’t help but fall in love. For years now you’ve had to listen to your foreign driving friends brag about their mileage, but you were unwilling to sacrifice American made. My friend, yours and our time has finally come.

The Fiesta will seat 5 and is available with four doors as a wagon if you need the extra space. With 37 mpg’s on the highway and a whopping 28 in the city, this little number will get the job done nicely.