Yesterday I was talking with some friends at the gun range and a couple of other patrons joined in what became an in depth conversation of how America has changed and continues to change. Like most old men talking, there wasn’t a lot of positivity that could be agreed upon, that is until I brought up Ford.

Ford On Top

The discussion was about how no one takes any pride in their work anymore in this country, like I said it was with old men. Everything was always better in their day. The big one that I brought Ford up for was when the conversation turned to companies not caring about their employees anymore and how everything was only about the bottom line.

That’s Where Ford Comes In

My grandfather worked for Ford for thirty years and still lives on the pension and insurance from that career. Every two years he buys a new car on the Ford A plan and continues to live very well. Those old me were right for the most part. Most companies don’t do that sort of thing anymore, but you better believe Ford does.

Trust Is Everything

Listen up Lawrenceburg, Ford Superduty is what you need to get your work done and provide for your family? Ford can get it done. Hey Louisville, Ford dealer on your list of things to visit? Stop wondering when the best time to join our family is. The time is always, because Ford has been doing things the right way, the American way, for generations, and for several to come.