Spring, my friends, it is officially here! Of course, as usual, the weather cannot be counted on to cooperate with anything we need done before the heat of summer is upon us.

That’s why Ford is here to at the very least give you some help. Allow me to explain.

I miss my F-150 something fierce. In the last month alone, I have had to borrow a truck from a buddy at least five times. I needed wood hauled home for planter boxes, then the dirt to fill them. And I wasn’t even done yet. After all that, I needed different wood hauled home for a different project, and this all amidst having to borrow a different truck and trailer to get a new mower home, TWICE!

So I came up with a solution. Seems silly that I had to be told this by a friend, but I was reminded that I work at a Ford dealership. You know that whole problem that when you’re on the inside it’s tough to see the solution standing right in front of you. I love my car and would not trade the mileage, but I still need a truck for all the little side projects I seem to always have going. My solution was to grab a pre-owned certified used truck off our lot as my own.

Not everything has to be new, and not everything has to be used.

So if you have a problem, we may not be able to solve it all, but here in Louisville, our Ford Dealer can sure help. Even if you’re over in Lawrenceburg, Ford Superduty would go along way to get stuff done. Just sayin’!