As I’m sure many of you are just like myself, and we all wish we could give the blue oval a big hug, there is no need, because with the Ford Sync, near everything but driving the car is now handsfree.

Capt. Kirk

As you sit proudly in your captain’s chair, giving orders to your ship slash car slash truck and again slash SUV, you feel like you are truly the master of all. Computer, play my music, set course for home, and call my wife to let her know I don’t want cheese sauce on the vegetables tonight, it negates the healthy aspects of our food.

Ok, so that may just be me, but the fact is with the Sync system, most of that really is possible. Hopefully your spouse doesn’t poor cheese sauce all over everything, frankly, unless you’re eating a horseshoe sandwich, then it’s just gross.

I can still remember the first commercials I saw on tv for the Sync. To be fair, the tv spot never really did it justice. Sync is a piece of technology that can only truly be realized once you’ve seen it in person. Driving down the road and having your car read you your text messages is not only cool, but it keeps you from getting a ticket.

When you need to make a phone call, instead of trying to remember the number, or searching thru your phone for a name, your own voice commands the call to begin, talks through the conversation, and then with a key stroke on the steering wheel, over and done with.

If you haven’t seen the system for yourself, visit your Louisville Ford friends here at the showroom and we’ll give you a firsthand demonstration. I’ll even run across Louisville, Ford F150 at my fingertips, and I’ll show you how the Sync can use GPS as well. The future is an extremely handy place with lots of cool toys, buttons, and gizmo’s for us all to enjoy. The funny thing is, the more we advance, and the better our technology gets over the years, it still is to make us more like a 60’s TV show.