So Ford has become, once again, one of the top auto makers in the world, brought countless models to the public that they actually wanted, at prices they could afford, and done it all in just a couple of years from when the whole industry was near collapse. The real question on my mind today is, what will we do next?

The Future

It seems obvious that the future of Ford will continue with the tradition of the present and the past. That is keeping an American work force wherever possible, and churning out the best cars we can think of. That is better said, what you can think of. The truth is, the secret to Ford’s success the last few years over its competitors has been that, where they keep building the cars they want you to buy, we hear at the blue oval keep building the cars YOU want to buy.

The Trucks

Still the number one selling vehicle in The United States, the Ford F-150. In a time when the government tells us all that we want something smaller, we throw it happily back in their face that what we want is none of their business.

The Cars

Of course they get good mileage, who doesn’t want that? Even our trucks are nearly to 25 mpg. Listen Lawrenceburg. Ford Superduty might be what you need to get the job done, then why shouldn’t that be what you drive? And another thing Lawrenceburg, Ford Fusion is constantly winning awards and only getting better. Stick with Ford, they get it, and we’ll keep giving you what you want.