You realize certain things as you get older. The first is that birthdays after 21 really don’t matter except on your auto insurance. The Second is that deductions on your taxes are not given back to you in the same amount as paid out. Then of course the third one you realize is that when it comes time to move, you either wish you still had your pickup truck, or quickly become best friends with someone who does.

Moving Time

As I said before, I am quickly approaching the closing date on my first house. I continue to pack up my life into boxes and keep having the notion that my car is not going to get the job done. You need a truck America! It is how we get things done.

Truck Is Essential

I have appliances, bullet reloading work benches, and a brand new dining room table that my girlfriend just HAD to have. My trunk is pretty big, but I’m pretty sure it will not cut it. There are things in life that you just can’t do without the bed of a pickup truck.

F-150 Is A Lifesaver

I have a buddy up in Lawrenceburg, Ford Superduty and a 40 foot trailer standing by to move everything in one trip. Trust me, a steak dinner is riding on that bet. He claims he can haul everything I own in one move to Shelbyville from Lawrenceburg. Ford Fusion included! I’ll be honest, as I keep saying over and over, I miss my truck, but I’m confident that to see if he can pull it off is well worth a steak dinner!