Sometimes the glorious inventory on our own lot catches me off guard. I’ve been telling you all that I have been looking for a used truck. All I’m looking for is an older Ford that I could always have parked somewhere and grab when I needed it. That way I’m not always borrowing my friend’s truck when I need something hauled.

Haul It

There is a breed of man that will always need a truck. I am in that breed and sadly tried to deny it when I bought my Fusion. Don’t get me wrong, of course I love my Ford Fusion completely, but I can’t quite get a yard of planting dirt in the trunk now can I? I’m currently building a wine tower, and needed a whole bunch of dimensional lumber for the project, and again, it wasn’t going to fit in the trunk.


I always told myself that the day an F-150 could get 25 miles per gallon, I would never stray again. Lads, that day is quickly approaching. I’m beginning to hear whispers that the 2013’s will be right there. Yesterday I talked to a buddy that sells for Amsoil. He said they have an air filter system for trucks that would get me there.

Keep on Truckin’

Hauling to Lawrenceburg? Ford Superduty has the power and the room to get your workforce and your materials to the job, whatever that may be. When I go to Lawrenceburg, Ford Fusion Style, I may have my workforce, but I’m usually worried about getting the seats dirty.