Remember when Leno left the show, but didn’t really leave and then there was that whole fiasco with the orange haired guy? Well forget about the guy and check out the orange car he donated to the Petersen museum.

Everyone knows that Jay Leno is a car enthusiast. That is to say, Leno owns more cars than you do toothpicks. Don’t think about that too hard, we’re moving on.

The day of the internal combustion engine are numbered if you talk to some experts. It is no secret that we’d all love not to have to pull up to a pump that asks if you want to spend a week’s worth of grocery money in your fuel tank. It is getting crazy.

It may be a while before you see any electric cars humming down the streets of Lawrenceburg. Ford F150 owners would need retraining to look lower to the ground for other cars, that’s for sure. That’s not to say you can find a good hybrid in the mean time. If you’re around Lawrenceburg, Ford Fusion comes is several styles including a half gas half electric.

However, I in no way encourage any of you to drive off the lot with an orange one. Obviously the whole point of buying a car is to stand out and yell look at me! Wait, I’m just being told that it isn’t the whole point. You’re telling me that gas mileage, conveyance, and comfort are also big factors in the decision. Well this just rocks my whole understanding of the auto industry.

Seriously though, if you’re looking for a new car and want to save some money on the deal and at the pump, head over to O’brien Ford and let us show you the goods. Whether you’re looking for a hybrid to save some money with, or a work truck to make some money with, we’ll be glad to help you. I could go into a whole Tom Bodett lecture with my sweet and compelling deep voice, but you’re reading this and that’s not going to help. Besides there is no way I’m leaving the light on for you all night long.