My friends I want you all to officially meet the myth, the legend, the Atlas! If you haven’t seen the newest member of the Ford truck family, then you have missed the best thing to come from Ford since the assembly line.

It’s A Monster

If you want to know what the future meaning of Built Ford Tough is, then you need to follow me through this. Much like the Canyonero of the Simpsons, this thing is near 65 tons of American pride. The advanced technology that this thing presents is beyond what even we at the dealership expected to see this soon.



Depending on how you’re using the truck the Atlas will adjust its shape and design to suit. How amazing is that? There are shutters in the grill that depending on the temperature of the air verses the engine and the speed that you’re traveling, the shutters will open and close and a front spoiler will lower beneath the bumper to further improve its air flow.


The Future

I can promise you that there are so many advancements in this one vehicle that I will be telling you about it for months to come. The Atlas isn’t going to show up on the lot just yet so there are still other options to keep you enticed and driving like the 2013 Ford Taurus. Lawrenceburg police are certainly wishing they had the new interceptor mod for it and you’re going to love it too. If you’re not ready to step up yet Lawrenceburg, Ford Fusion is still the best thing on the lot. Check us out, we’re O’brien Ford of Shelbyville!