Plug it in, Plug it in. Now on top of being electric and keeping you away from the slave driving of the pump, you might now even have to get an oil change. If any of you out there are shooters, the new electric Ford Focus is like the new Glock of automobiles.

Ok, I understand that maybe some of you aren’t shooters. First of all, you should try it, you’ll probably like it. The other thing, please allow me to explain my analogy. A German engineer created a pistol design and called his company and the pistol, Glock. The Glock revolutionized the firearms industry with an efficiency never seen before. The Glock was newly and immediately famous because it had fewer moving party than any other of its class. That is why I bring it up, because the new electric Ford Focus has fewer moving parts than any other car in its class.

Oil can also be a big similarity between these two examples. The Glock only needs four drops of oil to function flawlessly for an extremely long duration of use. The new Ford Focus is very much on par with that same efficiency. Imagine never having to sit and wait for a ten minute oil change that still takes twenty to thirty. The time over your life that you’ll save could be used for any number of things. For example, instead of waiting for an oil change, you could spend that half hour in a Subway drive thru. Yeah, it takes that long, ever done it? I highly recommend you don’t.

Down here in Lawrenceburg, Ford F150 is still king. I even think I’ve seen some King Ranch trucks roll around. One of the locals of Lawrenceburg, Ford Fusion driver, has actually come in and asked about the new Focus. Ford estimates you will literally save hundreds of dollars and man hours over the life of the car. Now think about this, aside from the money and the time, imagine all of the worry you won’t have about how long it has been since you got something checked. You won’t hear as much noise with less moving parts. This car all around will save you a lot.