You don’t hear a whole lot about Made in America sales being rocked in other countries, but Ford is really making headlines. Ford sales in China for the month of September were way way up over last year. Today we are going to celebrate that and be thankful that the whole world sees our value.


Ford Motor Company sales to China in this year’s September were up a whopping 54 percent over September 2011. That is just an astronomical number. When I was in high school, there were more cars in Los Angeles than all of China. If you really pause for a moment to think of that, then compare it to ten years later that amounts to a huge influx of automobiles to a previously near immobile country.

Piece of the Pie

Ford has worked hard not just here in America, but Asia and Europe are the two largest growth potential markets in the world today. European production on cars you’ve never even heard of have reached all time highs. Ford doesn’t try and make a product and force the world to buy it. We make sure we’re giving the world what they really want. No matter where they are.

Bottom Line It

In the end, Ford is one of the fastest growing car manufacturers on the planet. In just the last five years Ford has near doubled it reach over the rest of the world. Here in Lawrenceburg, Ford F150 sales are still strong. When you see it Lawrenceburg, Ford Fusion 2013 will rock your world. Trust me on all of it.